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How To Change Oil In Car Without Ramps

How To Change Oil In Car Without Ramps

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Use this set of ramps to perform maintenance on your car such as belt replacements and oil changes. It is a sturdy set made of heavy-duty plastic and can also handle vans, SUVs, and pick-up trucks.

How to change oil in car without ramps.

Heavy duty ramps are about saving time when you want to change oil or get your truck/RV/car off the ground quick. You can always add jack stands after getting the car up on the lift for added security, but then you lose all the time saved by having the ramps.
Jacked it up, drained the oil, pulled the filter and dropped it down to get all of the oil out. While thinking of this thread I thought I would see how much room I had while the car was on the ground. I found I could easily put the plug and filter back in! Needless to say, next time the jack and stands will stay put for the next oil change.
Just remember to remove them once you have changed the oil in your car. Conclusion – Best Car Ramps for Oil Change. Ramps are an important product for keeping your car in its prime condition. Oil changes are a crucial element of a car’s maintenance and car ramps make it easier for the user. They are convenient to use and are safe.

I also change the oil of my old Ford Escort car without jacking it up. Get low ramps because the Honda Accord may not be able to climb up steep ones. Even ramps that raise the vehicle just 6″ can sometimes help a lot. Don’t store plastic ramps outdoors, not even in a shaded place, because ultraviolet sunlight makes plastic brittle. You don’t.
I change my oil using ramps, and I have to use 2 bricks to get on them and I am stock height. So you should be fine. [QUOTE=SKULLBOY;2379575]Some of us with spoiler can’t use ramps… if you have something like the Danko chin spoiler, ramps will be a waste of money.
Use better oil or change more often are other answers. The oil gets dirty immediately anyway so I wouldn’t want to do anything that could be unsafe like raising all 4 wheels — just buy a good jack and stands and lower the car to the ground or go with the pump if it bothers you. I’d forget the “problem”.

The other ramps are 3″ and 4″, etc. and when you’re under the vehicle, that’s not nearly enough to move! Having said this, you need to be careful because these ramps are so high. Your car, SUV, or truck may have an air dam, low bumper, etc, that is too low and which will not allow you to use these ramps without a simple remedy.
Changing oil with no ramps/jacks/stands. Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 11 of 11 Posts. S. i did my oil change without jacking up the car. just take the splash guard off and get a shallow oil pan and you’ll be fine. i used a 10qt pan from the auto part store and it was a little tight but it worked fine.
Let’s jump right in and talk about getting the car up in the air and ready for work. Most car jobs, even small ones like oil changes, are going to require the wheels being off the ground, and right from the start it’s a risky situation. I recall the first time I invested into tools to change my own oil — I bought drive up ramps and during.

These steel ramps can lift vehicles to 9″ (inch), which makes it an excellent choice for car ramps for oil change. Each ramp supports weight around 2000lbs; combined they lift around 6500lbs, which is a good capacity for a car ramp.
Having a good set of ramps kicking around is definitely worth it, not just for oil changes. I’ve changed my DP, RSB/endlinks, catbacks, intercooler, all with just ramps. Not to mention they’re nice to get under the car and inspect for leaks/wear/etc… without going full monty on jack stands.
Rhino 12K pound ramps are affordable and good quality. I buy the stronger Rhino ramps as they will have more margin of safety built into them. I can usually change the oil without having to put more than my arm under the car. If I have to climb complety under the car, I will use ramps under the wheels and jack stands under the frame.

DIY Oil Change Ramps? This is a discussion on DIY Oil Change Ramps? within the Mustang GT350 Maintenance forums, part of the Mustang GT350 Garage category; I have seen DIY info for oil changes, but I have not seen anything about the type of ramps being used. Does anybody have any.
Good stuff. I still use ramps to change my oil simply because the amount of oil left in the vehicle due to the angle is negligible. 1 cup of oil remaining when I’ve removed and are adding in 4-5 quarts (16-20 cups) really isn’t a big deal unless you’re anal retentive.
I have ramps that I made out of old 2 X 4’s that I drive the car up on for oil changes. Picture a 3 foot long 2 X 4 laying on the ground. On one end is another 2 X 4 about 1-1/2 feet long screwed on top of the bottom one.

I change my own oil on an Acura TSX and I have found that the installation of a Fumoto oil drain valve (in place of the oil pan plug) has made the job doable with the car “on the ground”. This valve eliminates need for jack stands and the gymnastics of getting a socket wrench on the oil drain plug.
Oil change ramps are lightweight and usually made of resin. They’re designed to provide limited access to the underside of your vehicle’s engine, with just a few inches of lift. These are great for oil changes and other minor work but aren’t too helpful if you need to complete a major repair.
Oil change without jacking or ramps. Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 20 of 29 Posts. 1; 2. Bought my son a 1999 accord v6 3.0 loaded.. now is the time to do an oil change, without being under the car yet, couple of questions. Filter location and type, 5-30 w for oil, need to put her on ramps? 5 quarts at filter and oil change?..

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